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Greetings. I’m Robert McConnell, a communication designer based in New York with a longstanding affinity for visual systems, information mapping and typographic-centric design. This site contains a selection of my client-facing projects, student work and self-initiated design inquiries.

Currently a designer in the Creative Services department of Pratt Institute, I am also a visiting instructor in the AAS Communication Design program at Parsons School of Design.

I received an MFA from the Graphic Design graduate program at Rhode Island School of Design in June 2019. My research and design work culminated in a thesis book, titled Standards, Rules, Setting, which interpreted and analyzed the practice of graphic design as a protocol for communication.

You can contact me by email at robertjmcconnell@me.com, view my profiles on LinkedIn and Working Not Working, or view my resumé.




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This site was designed and coded by Robert McConnell using BBEdit on a 2016 MacBook Pro. The text of this site is typeset in Urania, a sans-serif typeface designed by Dieter Hofrichter and published by Hoftype in 2017. The background color of this site subtly changes depending on your local time; visit the site at different hours of the day to see this effect in action.

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