Standards, Rules, Setting

Standards, Rules, Setting is my personal investigation into graphic design as a protocol: a procedure for sending a particular kind of visual message, in a particular manner, intended for a particular audience. Accordingly, I define such a protocol to have three constituent parts: the standards, core statements that we universally accept; the rules, the instructions for what to do with the standards; and the setting, the context in which standards interact with one another through rules.

Through a body of design work that traverses the landscape of visual communication, I investigate language and information, typography and form, and semiotics and parody. In particular I am interested in existing conventions that we take to be true and redirecting them subtly to redefine their expected messages. Can we use graphic design to create better guidelines for communication in general, and how can we do so?

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Typefaces used: Calling Code, Simplon Norm and TheW NYC (among others).

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