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In the spring and summer of 2021, Pratt Communications and Marketing comprehensively re-imagined the Institute’s online news platform. Working with colleagues in Creative Services and Digital Communications, I completely redesigned the visual layout and look-and-feel of the news website. The interactive site now features bolder images, more dynamic typography in line with Pratt’s visual identity, more use of color, and a more intuitive navigation that encompasses all of the various news entities on campus — traditional news articles, daily news updates and posts on the “Daily Hub”, the Institute’s magazine Prattfolio, press coverage and more.

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A close collaboration with Alex Weiss-Hills (development) and Raunak Jangid (research), as well as David Frisco (director of Creative Services), Sarah Hromack (director of Digital Communications), Erica Dagley Galea and Laura Banas (project managers), and Jim Kempster (vice president of Communications and Marketing).

Typefaces used: Aperçu and Lyon.

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