Expressway System of China

Transport map design
December 2016

This is an in-progress diagram showing China’s National Trunk Highway System in the style of a public transport map. Using straight lines, standardized angles and “stations” representing cities, the transport map format is able to translate the highly complex road system into a more legible network.

The nature of the network presented several challenges. It made little sense to show each expressway in its own color as one would quickly run out of options. Rather, roads are color-coded depending on their role within the system: the most important roads, radiating from Beijing, are given a red color and a heavy line weight. Roads that primarily run east-west are shown in blue, north-south routes are displayed in yellow, and regional ring expressways are shown in turquoise. Auxiliary expressways, shorter routes that connect to the main lines of the network, are shown in a light line weight. Additionally, geography needed to be distorted in certain regions that were especially dense, allowing the system to remain legible.

Typeface: Bio Sans

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