• Signage system
  • January 2018

Design Center Wayfinding

A proposed wayfinding and signage system for the Design Center building on the campus of Rhode Island School of Design. The system aims to bring clarity to the narrow, dim hallways of the Design Center by introducing elements reminiscent of the creative work taking place within the building’s confines: bright colors, floor-specific identification patterns, supergraphic shapes and bold typography. Key information is conveyed in a modular manner using a set of signage building blocks, which can be applied to individual rooms in response to specific needs.

Designed with the guidance of Ernesto Aparicio at Rhode Island School of Design, as part of Typography in 3D Space in Wintersession 2018.

Project image 001 Project image 002 Project image 003 Project image 004 Project image 005 Project image 006 Project image 007