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  • November 2017


The introductory project in RISD’s Graphic Design graduate program is a collaborative atlas. After undergoing a series of twelve disparate tasks across the city of Providence, my challenge was to synthesize my findings and present them as a sixteen-page signature to be included in the aforementioned atlas.

The common thread that united my findings was the abundance of metadata — data about data — attributed to each of the tasks. I chose to center my contribution around this particular source of information, which unearthed an array of insights and otherwise hidden details about a set of rather open-ended instructions.

Designed with the guidance of Bethany Johns and Paul Soulellis at Rhode Island School of Design, as part of Graduate Studio 1 in Fall 2017.

Project image 001 Project image 002 Project image 003 Project image 004 Project image 005 Project image 006 Project image 007 Project image 008 Project image 009